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In order to apply to Situational Awareness you absolutely must have a headset and Discord. Communication is the most important aspect of any high end raiding kinship across almost all MMOs.

You must have access to the major, level 105, 12 man raids in the game such as Throne of the dread terror, Barad Guldur, Ost Dunhoth and the Erebor cluster and be available to run content with us during our scheduled raid nights, which you may sign up for on the calendar.
Turning up to these raids prepared and on time will highly improve your chances of your application being accepted.

Please read the raid ready page: Click here

Recruitment process:
we are currently recruiting like minded players looking to raid and pvp together. You can apply on the kinship website, message an officer in game to start a trial or a kin member may vouch for you and get you a trial by speaking to an officer on your behalf.

The recruitment process is simple, you will be asked to submit an application and be given our Discord details. Simply jump in and get to know us and let us get to know you, run a couple of raid nights with us over your trial period, remain "off anonymous" throughout your trial.

On any given raid night, if signed up, you must be online and ready to go at least 15 minutes before raid start time, if you have never done the raid that is scheduled before, make sure to let the raid lead know in a message before we start. When you sign up for that raid initially, read a guide to get a better understanding of mechanics.

While you do not need to be absolutely max geared to raid, being geared will give you higher priority over those who are not, if more than 12 signed up on the night.
Any time you may not be selected to raid is nothing personal, ever. Ask an officer why you were not taken, work on whatever reason was given such as more morale,mits, better rotation/dps.

It's not a perfect system but in this stage in the game there simply isn't enough inclination to fail repeatedly on something we know we can do, due to under performance.

~The trial period is no fixed amount of time however the officers will be keeping an eye on your progress and if they feel you are not at the standard we would like our members to be at, they will offer advice and help, if no improvement is made after this then you may be cut from the kinship after a decision has been made by all officers~

If you have any questions please feel free to message an officer.
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