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Welcome to Situational Awareness.
Situational Awareness is a Progression Raiding kin founded on the Arkenstone server during November of 2016 in order to beat the Throne of the Dread Terror raid and claim our server first T2C titles.

Our members have server firsts in a number of LotRO's previous raids at their respective caps and consistently beat T2C content prior to joining us. However we are now looking to compete and push for future server firsts in the raids to come.

While end-game content is our primary focus, we dabble in PvMP from time to time. Overall we strive to maintain a fun and positive experience for our members and provide a helpful platform for our roster to learn and develop as competitive end game raiders.
Raiding Schedule and Information.
Scheduled raids are subject to change at any time so make sure to check back often, sign up every week to secure your place in the weekly clear.
If you have signed up to raid and are unable to make it, let an officer know or change your signup to unavailable as soon as you are able. Thanks

Please check out our raid ready page if you are new to raiding with us: Click here.